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About Various Types of Art

What is Illustrative Art?
Examples of Illustration Styles
What is Lowbrow Art, Who Makes it and Where Can it Be Found?
Abstract Art - How to Define it?
Abstract Painting Ideas
Tips For Painting Abstracts
Spray Paint Art - An Overview
Key Factors in Identifying Impressionist Paintings
Tips on Calligraphy Writing

General Art-Related Topics 

How to Avoid the Hand Pain Artists Commonly Suffer
Lighting For Art Shows
Matting Art – What Matters and Why
Mounting Paper Artwork - No Hinges Required
Two Simple Methods For Mounting Needle Art
The Value of Art - How is it Determined
How to Select an Art Teacher - Ten Things To Consider
Basement Ideas - Creating an Art Studio
Artist on a Budget - How to Cut Costs and Keep Profits
How to Take Pictures of Artwork

Materials Artists Use

Sea Glass: A Raw Material Used by Artists
Custom Munny Modification
How to Find a Set of Markers That Last
The Best Paint to Use on a Figurine
Precious Metal Clay: A Material Used by Artists


Abstract Photography – What it is and How You Can Create Your Own
Three Basic Photography Concepts for Defining a Subject
5 Essential Techniques in Photography
Fine Art Black and White Photography
Landscape and Nature Caught on Black and White Film

Topics Related to Writing

Final Thoughts on the Real Writer's Life
Kill Your Darlings - The Real Meaning and Value of This Concept for Writers
Dazed and Confused: Dealing with the Troll Review
Skills Required for Creative Writing

General Promotion and Sales

The Art of Selling Art
Artists: The Benefits of Using Online Art Galleries
How to Improve Search Results for Your Websites
How to Be Noticed in an Art Community
8 Essential Keys to Transform Creativity Into Online Success
Avoid Worst Practices When Selling Art Online
Why Should an Artist Blog?
How to Self-Promote a Graphic Novel
What Are ACEOs and How Are They Used by Visual Artists
Answers to Your Crowd-Funding Questions
9 Powerful No-Cost Ways To Help Boost Book Sales

Opinion and Special Interest Essays

Theta Brainwaves - How They Can Affect Creativity
The Art of The Information Age: Digital Art
Child Genius or Craft Time?
Art Displays in Bookstores - Literary and Visual Arts Unite
Being an Artist - Why It's Not About the Money
Architecture - Is Originality Always Feasible Or Desirable?
The First And Only Painting Van Gogh Sold
Ship Figureheads – a Vanishing Art
Artistic Altruism in Action
Fine Press Books – Ensuring a Tradition
Art Snobs Who Are They - Why Should Anyone Care?


Where to Sell Online? - Comparing Etsy, StorEnvy and Big Cartel
Film Review “Art…is the Permanent Revolution”


Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Brush Care
Digital Photography Tutorial: Isolate With Bokeh
Small Image Transfer with Carbon Paper Tutorial
Building Fine Art Photography Portfolio