Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get an interview published on your page? 

This is a welcome question with an easy answer.  First of all, think about what you would like to focus on in your interview. Once you figure that out, use one of these contact options: email or use one of the Social Media links.  Please provide a link which shows examples of your work, if you are not able to do so then send some images via email. If you are selected, an interview questionnaire will be designed specific to your creative work. Once the answers are received on my end I will work with the information supplied and create an article suitable for publication.  The time-line can be within 48 hours or possibly take weeks depending on the queue. The speed of going through the queue depends on everyone involved, not just myself, so it is hard to give an estimate, unless there are no interviews currently in progress.

If you have a deadline in mind the further in advance you contact me about setting up an interview the better the chance of making the article live in the time-frame you desire.

If you would like me to assist in promoting an event such as a new release or an upcoming show beyond your interview, we can discuss options of my other services available. Any other specific needs?  Let me know as I am always interested in helping to promote and highlighting creative work.  In the event that I can't make it happen I still might know someone who can.

  • How soon can I expect my article to be up after I have submitted it?

It depends on how many other artists and authors are ahead of your submission.  I work in a first in, first out manner. That said, the artist that sends their information the quickest will be expedited over one that is taking longer to relay their responses or draft edits.

  • How do follow-up interviews happen, and how do I get one?

I have two pre-qualifications concerning follow-up interviews. First of all, I will not publish one until at least six months have passed since the last one.  The other important qualifier is that you must have new information to cover; the article has to give readers new information or else it would be just a re-run, not a follow-up. To request a follow-up interview please email me and include "Follow-up Interview" in the subject.

  • How are artist's works inserted into non-interview articles? 

I will sometimes discuss upcoming articles with artists in my circles and if an artist might have something to contribute willingly I make sure to attribute the artwork photo to them and include a link of their choosing.  This is a little promotion for them and also will help build their identity online - one more link back to their site, one more site with their name and artwork on it.  If you would be interested in having your work be a part of an upcoming article please let me know.

  • Why do you not allow adult content on your blog?

This is because of two main things, this site is hosted by Blogger which has an either/or option: you are either rated Mature or General Audience, nothing in-between. I choose to be rated "G" so as to not alienate any readers, therefore there is no cursing, nudity, erotic writing, or graphic violence depicted in my blog content.  The artist or author may have plenty of this in their work that is not shown or discussed in detail in my articles.  

My motto on this is to keep it "safe for work." If someone was allowed to look at sites at work and their boss looked over their shoulder they would not have to feel embarrassed. I also have found that it is easy for me to keep it "safe for work" without excluding artists that may have mature artwork, and that is fine if they show that on their own sites just so long as Blogger doesn't decide to put me in the mature blogs section.  

  • How do I leave a comment on a blog post here?

Readers no longer need a Google+ page or profile to comment on my blog since I have opted out after an unsatisfactory trial during this blog's first year. Simply use Disqus. If you do not see it under a post then reload the page. The choice to use the Disqus comment-platform was made for the following reasons that I feel will benefit my readers:
  1. Visitors may log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, name with email or their Disqus account. 
  2. Comments made logged into a personal Disqus profile, allow backlinking to the other blogger’s website.
  3. Disqus automatically adds a related-posts widget underneath the comments section. 
  4. Disqus allows people to follow commenters all around the web. When you click on an avatar, you can see that user's comments made on other blogs. 
  5. Disqus sends out emails to anyone with a Disqus account who comments.
  6. You can easily nest comments with the reply button.
  7. You can set your comments to show oldest first, newest first, or– BEST as first. Best are determined by readers casting up and vote down votes.

  • I like to write about creative work, may I contribute to your blog?

If you would like to guest write on IOUart feel free to send a sample of your writing via my contact form at the bottom of the page. You may also reach me via social media networks which are linked to this site. If you have published works you may include links to them, or anything else you wish to share to demonstrate the style and type of writing you do and establish cred as a quality content writer. First time writers can write a new article and send it to be considered. If it is an unpublished new article, I will understand if you only send a portion of it, that is up to you.

  • Are you able to pay for guest articles?

I regret that at this time I am unable to hire services, however, this would be work that you can show as published and you will reserve your copyright to it.  If you also have a blog then there is the possibility that we can trade articles. You are allowed to link to your own site within your content here.

  • How often do you update this blog?

The audience I hope to reach is made up of readers, not followers. I do add new content as time allows with my schedule. Much as I would like to have a daily or weekly quota, in my experience I have found that quality far outweighs the need for quantity and mass production reduces quality. With this personal viewpoint guiding my efforts I do realize that it will not serve as a traditional blog, and I am fine with that. The intent I have for this site is more along the line of content creation. This not being distinguished as a news-oriented blog, it can serve up informative articles of a caliber that will not lose value over time. Articles are updated individually on occasion if I feel that the new information will add to what the readers will gain. If you want to get behind-the-scenes blurbs and news items I recommend you follow my social media outlets that are found right above the "Popular Posts" section.

  • How do you promote your site and articles?

Word of mouth and social media, primarily: GooglePlus , Twitter and Facebook.  

  • What are the policies for your blog content?

Policies of IOUart regarding content: 

  • No "adult" content
  • Does not promote discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of race, gender, religion, etc.
  • Does not contain inducements to or instructions related to illegal activities
  • Does not contain gambling related material.
As an additional note I will not publish content that is blatant propaganda for political, social, or religious promotion.  This is not the platform for that, no matter how much art may reflect these things I do not intend to focus on them. 

  • What is/was Art of the Day and how does it work? 

This feature is currently offline

Art of the Day (AoD) promotions on my blog are a great way to celebrate and promote outstanding artworks that I find on Society6.  Soc6 is a website for independent artists to upload works for Print on Demand, and I am an affiliate with the site as I have used it for a long while and so have other artist friends of mine. There is a daily AoD featured Monday through Friday. Then, using metrics at my disposal to determine the Most Popular AoD for the week, said AoD will be featured Saturday and Sunday as 2 extra days of promotion as Art of the Week. The other thing, I decided at the start and want to let everyone know is - An Artist can have more than one Art of the Day promotion! The limit is to keep it so that AoDs by the same artist will not occur within the same calendar month. I have put these practices into place in order to create added interest and of course keep things as fair as possible!