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Author: Rafal Maleszyk Fine Art Photos

There was a time when oil painting was the ultimate form of art hanged on the walls, those times are long gone. Today's houses, offices, art galleries and museums are full steel, metal, glass, wood and photographs. Black and white analog photography has been sold for millions of dollars, now digital and color work is widely accepted as valid from of art.

Fine art Hawaiian landscape

Paint brushes, chisels, photo cameras and computers are only tools for creating the same thing: art. The artist is the most important, very much like a musician or dancer uses the music to express his or her vision of the world, a fine art photographer is using the camera to create the beauty on paper.

Black and white Hawaiian tree

There is something magical about art, art is not just another factory producing millions and millions of products for sell, artist does not plan his work for economical purpose or political neither, artist is creating the pieces from within, there is a strong desire to imagine something and then recorded it on paper or canvas.

Classing landscape, sunflowers in black and white
Black and white photography is a very powerful medium, this medium focuses on the most important, discarding the colors the main energy of the picture has to come from composition, texture lighting and contrast without confusions. A lot of serious photographers offer their work in limited edition , that makes the piece more valuable. Very few limit their work to just limited edition one, but five or ten are very easy to find. There are well-established photographers that can limit their work to 950 and sell their work for a high price. 

There is a common confusion about limited edition of artistic reproductions and photographs, some artist offer limited edition in one size and when sold open a new edition in a different size. Today's technology makes it very easy and so far there is no regulation about editions. Art should not be regulated, art's main advantage is that there are not rules or regulations. The best fine art photography work has been produced by stepping out from the rules.

Fine art photography is strong today and proves that no matter what tools you use you can create stunning work.

About the Author
Rafal Maleszyk's limited fine art black and white photography has been widely published and awarded in USA and internationally, his Hawaiian landscapes are full of European aesthetics and Hawaiian beauty.  Article Source
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