Theta Brainwaves - How They Can Affect Creativity

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If you are a creative type, you may at times find everyday concerns can put you into a predicament:
You want to do your art in order to relax - yet you need to detach from your worries and just be in the moment in order to allow the creative energy to flow. 
How can you tune your brain to a state of tranquility and vivid imagination? Whether you seek outside-the-box brainstorming, access to your deepest intuitive thinking, or just a relaxing daydream-brain-vacation there are different ways to help achieve this by slowing the frequency of your brainwaves.

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Theta Waves, digital art © Eddie Arndt (with permission),
see more at his ASC Gallery 

We tend to spend most of our active waking hours in the high frequency beta state, in which our critical selective thought processes are enforced and determine that what we should pay attention to is what is responsible, logical, and realistic. Art, music, intuition, creativity and inspiration all fall outside the general focus of our minds when our beta brainwaves are dominant. Scientists have pinpointed that the theta state is dominant when our brains are on the verge of sleep. In a past article I wrote about creative writing and made note of the ability to tap into the dream or post-dream state as part of the natural process of pulling new ideas from the realm of imagination.

Concept of Electrical Activity in Neurons Electrical Impulses are Carried across the Synapse

Concept of Electrical Activity in Neurons Electrical Impulses 
are Carried across the Synapse by Carol & Mike Werner

Brain specialists find that theta waves activate memory, vivid imagery, new ideas and a deep lasting state of calm. Physically and emotionally we become soothed and allow creative thoughts into the forefront of our consciousness in this state. When finding a new idea, the "A-ha" moment, EEG monitors have detected a noticeable theta wave activity increase in study participants doing problem-solving exercises. For a common example, consider how when you are thinking really hard producing no solution but upon relaxing it just comes to you - this is an "A-ha" moment occurring with the slowing down of brainwave activity. Critical resistance in our normal state of consciousness gets in the way of being able to think about something new. The ability to think in a new way is the very essence of inspiration which all artists, writers, and musicians etc. strive for.

To learn about some methods you may try to induce theta state Click Here.
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Rebecca said...

Have you ever struggled to get into a creative state of mind? Here I have written a very scientific article for an art-centered audience, testing the proverbial waters to see if any of my readers are interested in exploring the connection. If you can think of some ways you get into a "zone" to create art, please feel free to share your story.

Paul Graham said...

This probably sounds facile but on one level a blood sugar reduction and the accompanying changes in perception are a popular approach ! I also find the rarified atmosphere of high altitudes stimulating for musical creativity

AuNaturelMel said...

This was beautiful and by the way, just the images were getting me relaxed. ;) Mel at