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Mission: Appreciating art of all kinds, learning new things, sharing in the art community and growing as a human being with emphasis on arts.  Recognizing and entertaining the creative people of today: Artists, Authors and Creatives of all mediums.

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  • About site admin/ writer, Rebecca KnightI have always had a love for words. Writing helps to share ideas and connect with others in creative circles. What I intend by my writing is to draw focus on the contributions and perspectives in arts which enrich this shared human existence. Let us keep the conversation about arts going.
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    Artist Writer
  • About artist/contributing writer, Dustin E. Parr:
    I am an emerging art historian and fine artist, focusing on defining the role of artists in the chaotic times of contemporary art. I am looking for opportunities to strengthen and reinforce our culture through the arts. Visual media stands to improve our understanding and perspective of the world around us, unifying philosophy in the pursuit of collective social theory.

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  • About author/contributing writer, Dyane Forde:  
    Author Writer
    My love of writing began with an 
    early interest in reading and of words in general. When I discovered people enjoyed my writing it sparked a life-long desire to write all types of things, from short stories, novels, flash fiction, poetry… I enjoy delving into genres and forms of writing that are different from my usual in order to stretch my creativity further. Every story or book represents new challenges. I view writing as an amazing and intimate communication tool, meaning that it becomes a means through which I seek to connect with people on a level deeper than intellect.

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  • About artist/contributing writer, Tanya Davis:
    artist writer
    I have always loved making art since I was young and I draw in my sketchbook on a regular basis. My college degree is in architecture and although it did not become my chosen profession, the lessons I learned continue to strongly influence my attention to detail and form. In recent years my art has extended into polymer clay sculpting, jewelry crafting, and some photography work.  My goal is to share knowledge by writing about my experiences.

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As an additional note I will not publish content that is blatant propaganda for political, social, or religious promotion.  This is not the platform for that, no matter how much art may reflect these things I do not intend to focus on them.

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