4 Tips for Painting Abstracts

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How to get started creating your own abstract art work with these 4 basic tips. The inherent simplicity is what makes these tips as opposed to rules. As an abstract artist you can create whatever you like, there are no guidelines to follow. As the painting composition should be liberal, in abstract art there is no right or wrong. 

 drawing art, abstract, rainbow hatching, texture, Sarah Klockars-Clauser
Rainbow Hatching, psychedelic doodle © Sarah Klockars-Clauser 

1. Prepare to create your art work with a subject or theme in mind. Even though this is abstract art, it is important for the artist to have a clear idea of what the finished piece will mean to them personally. You can start out with a literal object portrayal and then work on blurring the vision of that object. Or, you can create an abstract concept from the beginning and work towards making a slightly more obvious representation. The first step is to know the general direction so you have a true starting point.

2. When it comes to supplies used, the decision is also completely up to you. You may choose to paint in vibrant colors or without color altogether. When first beginning as a painter a modest paint set and using paper is a good way to start without having to invest much money. If you choose to embrace this endeavor further, having higher quality and more varied selection of paints and brushes, perhaps even committing to use of canvas or other more expensive supplies would then be sensible.

3. The technique in creating an abstract painting is generally spontaneous and natural as opposed to mechanical. Freehand is the typical fashion of an abstract painter. If you choose to start out with a sketched foundation, try not to over-detail or create a drawing that represents the subject too methodically. Remember if you draw first it is only a framework and not to be the actual artwork itself. 

4. Relax and have fun - the ultimate goal in artistic expression is to let the imagination loose and create a work of art that you feel connected to and enjoy. The act of creating in abstract may provide an outlet for feelings that are indescribable in words. Also the sense of achievement in producing your very own painted artwork, customized to your own sensitivities is a gift in itself.

Since this is painting in abstract, keep in mind everyone will likely see something different in the painting. Try not to take this as criticism or a challenge to your intended subject matter. This is actually part of the value in abstract where it is many things to many people. As an artist you will develop your own style and with it convey your own perspectives with abstract imagery. If you find yourself looking for inspiration, further reading Abstract Painting Ideas may help you along.
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