D.K. Osorio An Exposed Soul, Working in the Shadows

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Here I am pleased to be interviewing the prolific artist D.K.Osorio from Northern California. D. K. works primarily in pen and ink drawings and oil paintings, but has been branching out recently into photography. Her black and white abstract and surrealist pieces are the most extensive part of her current body of artwork.

Abstract ink drawing
Pendulum Swing  © D.K. Osorio,
A keeper of time where there is none except you.

How long have you considered yourself an artist?
Ever since I was a little girl, drawing Snoopy cartoons.
Tell me about your first experience creating in your current medium:
My first experience in my current medium in pen drawing was around Halloween of 2012. There is for me a constantly present evolving need to create something challenging the metaphysical. And one creative source that I had yet to tap was my dark neurosis that I felt was too disturbing to express to a public forum. However, Halloween presented itself as a golden opportunity to expose this part of my creativity with some comfort.
What results are you looking for in response to your art?
To draw the viewer to experience an emotion that makes he or she react, no matter how positively or negatively. As long as they feel passionately for an artwork that I created then there becomes a strong connection, a link between them and my creative soul.
Abstract ink drawing
And She Was © D.K. Osorio,
Joining the world of missing persons. 
Missing enough to feel alright.
What does your art mean to you?
What it conveys is an extension of what I am feeling at the time. What I am experiencing in my day-to-day life will show up in my work.

What is the most annoying remark made to you about your art?
Someone once told me that they liked my art so much that they were going to make copies of it, and put it on their wall.

Do you have any regrets in your life as an artist?
The one regret I have is not having complete confidence in myself as an artist. It is always a constant battle in my head. Especially when I create an artwork that I feel is not up to the standards of others. I am my own worst critic.

What plans do you have for the future of your art?
The plans for my drawings are to one day publish them in a book, possibly in coffee book format telling a story behind each one or interconnect them into one story.

Do you have any advice for emerging artists?
Never stop marketing!
Abstract ink drawing

 A Shed Tear For You © D.K. Osorio,

lot of emotion behind one small drop of water.
How to find D.K. Osorio online….
Abstract ink drawing
In The Hall  © D.K. Osorio,
 A tribal urge among broken glass.

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