Artists: The Benefits of Using Online Art Galleries

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Online art galleries are very important modern tools for artists in addition to traditional offline art displays. Uploading art images to online art galleries is a prime opportunity for otherwise little-known artists to establish a presence on the internet. Before the internet came to be widely used as it is today, art viewing and purchasing was limited to local showings of an artist's work with some exhibitions that would travel city-to-city. Aside from the in-person method, artists also have long used catalogs that show works from various artists made available to the general public. These methods are still good practice and getting out and taking your work to shows is always a positive, yet, the artists are limited in the number of people they can reach and the length of time their art display will circulate. A very important point to consider is that when using offline methods much of the control shifts into the hands of curators and gallery owners and the entire process therein is subject to be approved or rejected by them. 

Example: A Singular Creation Member Galleries

Showing your art can be an intimidating thing, especially when there is a likelihood of being hindered by the limited vision of others. Online art galleries hand over control to the artist instead. Curators, gallery owners and even collectors are no longer the only ones with the ability to show and sell artworks. An artist holds the reins and can choose whether or not to share the profits and build an improved reputation as an artist in their own right. Having an online gallery is an outstanding way for artists to build a name for themselves by showing their work all over the world as opposed to limited audiences as was the only option in the past.

There is a general opinion that the way that art is created has improved due to the utilization of showing online. This is due to artists not feeling impelled to “sell out” in order to have their submitted work accepted for exhibition. Artists dread being asked to tone down aspects of their art in order to simply be attractive to a more general public. A self-curated online gallery allows the artist to self-express in whatever way they wish due to the fact that people searching online for a particular type of art can now find said art. In essence, the tables are turned; the artist has become the audience’s target. Also with an online gallery the aspect of keeping more profits is a benefit to keep independent artists motivated and funded which leads to producing more art. Practice, practice! – It is how to attain mastery, and naturally creates better art. 

More artists are displaying their vision pure and unfiltered online. These galleries by their very nature have made the art world a better place. Discovering a new artist by looking into these galleries all around the globe is easy for anyone to do from a computer or mobile phone. Online art galleries give the artist more control, enhance freedom of expression, allow an unlimited number of people to find the art they are looking for and make it possible to generate increased revenue from art sales. If you are an artist that hasn't started an online gallery yet, there is no time like the present.
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