Follow-up Interview: Stephanie Ayers, Painting For You

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Miss Anchor, watercolor, painting, stephanie ayers
Miss Anchor © Stephanie Ayers
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Since introducing Stephanie Ayers and her art back on March 28, 2013 in what was my very first artist interview, she has continued to build her art portfolio and learn new things. Recently we were catching up and realized it would be a great idea to share what is new since then in another interview session.  She is about to have another exhibition which will be at RAWartists Austin presents: ENCOMPASS  and in the midst of getting ready for the show that is less than a month away she has taken a few moments to answer some inquiries about her life as an artist at this point in time. 

artist, painting, painting for you, watercolor, stephanie ayers
Stephanie Ayers, Marvel show
 @ The Belmont, Austin, Texas

What is the most exciting artistic breakthrough you have had in the past six months since your first interview?

Artistically I have come to terms with acrylics and I'm really having a great time. I asked other artists I've met in the last six months and did a little research. Amazing how easy acrylics can be.   

Would you care to talk about your first show at The Belmont?  

My first show was a whirl wind of nerves for me. I wanted everything to be perfect. It was total chaos up to the moment the doors were open.   

  Bollywood Cat Dia de los Muertos 
© Stephanie Ayers
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What was your favorite thing about getting out and doing the show?

I have to say my favorite thing about the entire event was all the people I met. I bartered with other artists, I got amazing advice and met some life-long friends. The exposure got my name out there and forced me to make every mistake possible from the "business" perspective. Now I'm more calm, more prepared, and have a better understanding of exhibits.  

I have noticed some art print photography available on your Society6 page, tell me about how you got into that.

Society6 gives me the opportunity to advertise some of my art and photography as well as sell it without all the hassle. They have everything from prints to frames to canvas and it's only a click away.  I choose the price and commission. Society6 allows me to focus on new art and it's an easy way for someone to order prints without waiting for me to get them made, package and mail them...etc. And it's affordable.  

© Stephanie Ayers, whale, red sky, ship
Red Whale © Stephanie Ayers

What new art should we expect to see from you?

Currently I'm working on all Dia de los Muertos for my exhibit Oct 17th at The Belmont. This will be my "theme" at this showcase. I'm working with some actual skulls (paper) and acrylics. I'm doing some smaller scale things to keep it simple and affordable. 

Read more about Stephanie Ayers in this in-depth interview from earlier this year.

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