R.L. Bergner Bending and Blending Fiction: The Dead Will Stir

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Photo of Bobby Bergner author of Dead Stir
Dead Stir author, Bobby Bergner

R.L. Bergner based in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania writes Horror, Fantasy and also Humor. He has sold 2100 copies of his first children's book over the last five years. The Kindle edition of one of his books is doing very well in the UK - seven copies a week average. His popular serial blog Dead Stir was inspired after being repeatedly disappointed by the genres he loves.

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"I wanted to write something original where the reader would have an uneasiness and uncertainty as to how the story would progress. Dead Stir is my love letter to some of my favorite genres filled with everything I would ever want to experience in good storytelling."

The first draft of Dead Stir was released as a serial blog over the span of 6 months. The blog version of the story was chock-full of grammatical errors, but in its essence delivers a compelling adventure. Dead Stir was written in real time with posts nearly every day to help give the reader a sense of reality to its timeline and keep them coming back to see what happens next. The serial blog is no longer available for reading since the polished novel is nearing completion.

"I hope it inspires others to create something of their own based on what they are passionate about."
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Dead Stir, the Journey from Idea to Reality
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R.L. Bergner recently sat down and shared some insight into his writing:

How long have you considered yourself a writer?

I would consider that I have been telling stories since before I could write.

What inspires and motivates you to write?

Writing is creating and I am forced to create when my brain is overflowing with ideas. I would say that I have to write more than I am motivated to write, because my mind is constantly racing with a swirl of images and ideas that I must get out of me or risk death by suffocation. 

How did you start out?

I worked for an aquatic society where I wrote papers on fish care. 

What was the publishing process like?

Being severely dyslexic meant extra work for me to get a work perfect for publishing. When I was published in a major magazine in the nineties it took me four months to research and make my four page story sparkle. After the work was accepted I received four hundred dollars for countless hours of effort. Being published is generally not worth your time if it is not something you love to do.    

Tell me about influences, if any:

As a child I enjoyed Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. 

What literary exposure have you had?

I have been published in several small poetry magazines, Reader's Digest, and I have published two children's books. 

What is the most annoying remark made to you about your writing?

I generally don't get annoyed by any remarks; writing should first and foremost be for you and forget what anyone else thinks. 

What plans do you have for future work?

I am currently working on The Dead Stir novel and will be doing another children's book within the next two years. 

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Write every day, even if it is only a paragraph. Lots of people have amazing ideas, but think that they are not good enough to share them with the world. When people hear that I write I often get pitched ideas for movies or books that they had envisioned and when I tell them they should write it they often say "Yeah I can't write." Well that never stopped some authors (I'm looking at you E. L. James.) from becoming famous. This lack of confidence is why we are seeing the same movies and reading the same books rehashed and shot into our faces at light speed. 

Don't worry about what people will say because in 100 years all of those people will be dead. Put your ideas out into the world and let them breathe. 

How do you promote your work both on and off the internet?

Guerilla Art, Face Book, Cafe Press, Website moofax.com

How should people find you online….

Website: moofax.com 
Facebook page: Dead Stir

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