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Inspiration to create tends to be random and is often all too ephemeral.  Without it there would be nothing new to take note of.  Art as we know it would cease to exist.  And so would originality.  Such rare and wonderful creativity should be celebrated. This is the concept upon which I am basing my blog.  

I have never blogged before; dabbled with an online journal years ago, yet that seemed to be just a long-form message board experience.  I have always had a love for words.  Generally I consider myself an ideas person and writing helps to hash out and share these ideas. There is also this tendency I have of craving insight, so I am always interested in the wonderful results of communication - knowledge, new ideas, and in exceptional cases, understanding. Art is pure expression and it inspires me to create articles to Underline the rare and wonderful creativity that is both product of and cause of Inspiration.  Originality is a must.

Artists of all kinds express so much.  And so I guess it is fair to say they inspire me to create articles celebrating their rare and wonderful creativity. I want to help keep the conversation about art going; while remembering the past also see how history is shaping the present. This is my feeling, and my mission as a writer to support and promote the creative people of today.

R Knight

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